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30 July 2019

Cerkezkoy CCI and Drama CCI conducted in partnership with the European Foundation for Turkey's European Dialogue for Bussiness Project opening meeting was held at the Cerkezkoy CCI conference hall. Two chamber delegations met before the opening programme. Cerkezkoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Mr.Süleyman Kozuva spoke at the meeting and said: " The service area of our Chamber, Saray, Kapaklı and Cerkezkoy Industrial districts are Turkey's leading industrial zones. In our Region, we produce in many sectors covering machine, plastic, textile and heavy industry, besides we have a magnificent nature. We are very happy to see you among us, welcome. ” The meeting ended after the presentation of the gifts given by Mr. Süleyman Kozuva Chairman of the Cerkezkoy CCI and Mr.Valiseios Politarchis Vice Chairman of Drama CCI.

After the introductory meeting, European Dialogue For Business Project opening meeting was held with participant Cerkezköy District Governor Mr.Atilla Selami Abban, Saray Mayor Mr.Özgen Erkiş, Çerkezköy CCI Chairman Mr. Süleyman Kozuva, Chamber Board Members, Drama CCI Vice Chairman Mr.Valiseios Politarchis, Drama CCI Delegation, Cerkezkoy CCI  Members and Guests. Mr. Kozuva spoke at here “Today, a very important day for us. Today, we are taking a big step to expand the trade volume of our SMEs and we also host our neighbor Greece's Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry in our country. This is our pride. ” Mr.Kozuva said the following in his speech: “Our biggest goal is to contribute to the development of mutual knowledge and understanding between Cerkezkoy CCI and Drama CCI, to establish business relations between two Chamber SMEs, to strengthen the dialogue between Çerkezköy CCI and Drama CCI.Also the chambers be active in promoting the EU accession process of Turkey with the Improving European Dialogue For Business Project. Our historical background and common cultural heritage make the people of the two countries friendly to each other. Turkey and Greece are children of the same sea. We sit at the same table and sing the same song. Even though we speak different languages, we understand each others. I wish that this closeness will create strong collaborations. I believe that our project, which we started with the slogan “We will walk together, together we will get stronger “will benefit both countries.”

Drama CCI Project Coordinator Ms.Io Chatzivarytin shared the letter of the Charmain of Drama CCI Mr.Georgiadis Stefanos, who could not attend the meeting due to the intense work pace. In his letter, Mr.Georgiadis Stefanos mentioned that the European Union programme, which is applied jointly, will provide the benefits of bilateral relations and it will provide opportunities and benefits for the members registered to Drama CCI and the development of commercial relations. President of Turkey and the European Foundation for the continuation of the meeting Mr.Dr Tevfik Altınok "Economic Aspects of Turkey-European Union Relations" and Economic Development Foundation Director of Research Mrs.Cisel İleri is the "Historical Development of Turkey-EU Relations" made their speeches. After the opening programme, B2B meetings were held between Cerkezköy CCI members and Drama CCI Delegation.

On the last day of the visit program, a Road Map Workshop was held between two Chamber Delegations. Cerkezköy CCI Chairman Mr.Süleyman Kozuva made an explanation about the workshop and said: The details of the activities that will be realized within the scope of the project have been clarified by brainstorming about on-the-job training, matchmaking activity and visit to Brussels. I wish that our workshop, which was quite fruitful, would be beneficial for both sides.”. Drama CCI Delegation visited the companies in the region and received information about the sectors after the workshop and left the city after the visit program.

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