bize ulaşın
11 October 2018

Within the scope of the 20. Turkish Speaking Entrepreneurs Program and Bilateral Business Meetings program, entrepreneurs from different sectors, including 13 Turkish-speaking companies from 31different countries, visited the Çerkezköy Industrial Fair.

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in different business lines such as construction, food, education, automotive, furniture, information and textile visited Çerkezköy Industrial Fair in Çerkezköy Closed Market Place. Foreign entrepreneurs who had the opportunity to know the companies in the fair area came together with the Chairman of Çerkezköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry Süleyman Kozuva. Kozuva is pleased to welcome foreign entrepreneurs in our city and in our fair. “We are very happy to host 31 Turkish-speaking entrepreneurs in the fair where we organized the second of this year and where nearly 50 companies are present. They added color to our city and our fair. We would like to thank to our entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to meet with our local companies and to examine our products, and to sincerely thank to The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey International Relations Specialist Birsen Karaloğlu Karakuşçu for their sincerity. I would like to increase the number of inter-country cooperation and to make these visits better” he said.


At the end of the visit, 31 Turkish-speaking entrepreneurs gave a great finesse to Süleyman Kozuva Chairman of the Board of Directors, by presenting the local products they brought from their countries. The colorful visit ended with the photo taken in memory of the day.

  TSE Program Participants